Wind Engineering


Components & Cladding | Wind-induced Structural Response

Building Resilience, Ensuring Safety
In tandem with pedestrian comfort, we excel in cladding and structural wind loading studies. We employ simulations and testing to assess wind loads on building components, ensuring safety and functionality. Our precise recommendations prevent hazards during extreme wind events and optimize design.

Designing for Safety and Functionality
Our studies empower architects, designers, and engineers, optimizing building resilience. We spot potential failure areas early, ensuring proactive solutions that prevent costly repairs and safety concerns.

Your Trusted Partner
At Gnobi Consulting Inc., excellence drives us. Our team of experts, equipped with the latest technology, provides accurate and reliable results. We’re committed to your building’s safety, comfort, and functionality.

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Steeles Avenue

Location: Steeles Avenue, Greater Toronto Area, ON

130 Doughton

Location: 130 Doughton, Vaughan, ON

Avenue Road

Location: Toronto, ON Rendering by BDP Quadrangle Inc.

Corpus Christi Int'l Airport

Location: Corpus Christi Int'l Airport, Corpus Christi, TX

Fergusson St.

Location: Fergusson St., Hamilton, ON

Two-tower Mixed Use Development

Location: Two-tower Mixed Use Development, Southwest, ON

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