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Empowering Safety, Comfort, and Efficiency
At Gnobi Consulting Inc., we blend cutting-edge engineering and scientific expertise to create spaces that are safer, more comfortable, and incredibly efficient. As industry-leading wind and microclimate engineering consultants, we tailor our services to architects, engineers, and developers worldwide.

Harness the Power of Wind
Our deep understanding of how wind shapes our environment ensures that your buildings aren’t just secure, but also offer unprecedented comfort and efficiency. Trust us to unlock the wind’s potential for your projects.

Discover the Difference
Explore our range of services that transcend industry standards. From Wind Engineering to Pedestrian Wind Comfort and Falling Ice & Snow analysis, we’re committed to delivering high-quality results that exceed your expectations.

Cutting-Edge Engineering and Scientific Expertise

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We've made an impact across various projects:

Steeles Avenue

Location: Steeles Avenue, Greater Toronto Area, ON

130 Doughton

Location: 130 Doughton, Vaughan, ON

Avenue Road

Location: Toronto, ON Rendering by BDP Quadrangle Inc.

Corpus Christi Int'l Airport

Location: Corpus Christi Int'l Airport, Corpus Christi, TX

Fergusson St.

Location: Fergusson St., Hamilton, ON

Two-tower Mixed Use Development

Location: Two-tower Mixed Use Development, Southwest, ON

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